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Why I am painting

Added Oct 16, 2013

Some people might ask why I am painting, and I will try to answer. Sometimes I paint for fun, sometimes to create something beautiful or interesting. When I have an inspiration, I want to be completely alone, only me, painting and some music.

Being an artist for me is to be alive, to enjoy and to feel deeply. I forgot where I am, who I am. I only see, what I am creating. I don´t think for example that this is a head or this is an arm, I only think the movement of colours and lights.

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CV of Raija Merilä

Added Oct 15, 2013


Born: 1952, Muhos, Finland
Tel. +358 50 3651516
www.artmerila.fi, www.artmerila.com, www.raijamerila.net

Master of Arts, University of Tampere. Also studies at Universities of Joensuu and Oulu.

- 1968 – 1973 art studies with the aid of painter Terttu Jurvakainen.
- 1982 art studies at Oriveden kansalaisopisto 1975 and at Kiteen kansalaisopisto.
- 2005, Kotka, Landscape Painting Master Class, assistant professor Andrei Chugunov from St. Petersburg Art Academy, nowadays I. E. Repin Institute.
- 2005 painting studies, Art Association of Kouvola, artist Mikko Sakala.
- 2005 Live model drawing studies, Art Association of Kouvola, artist Mikko Sakala.
- 2006 Painting studies, Art Association of Kouvola, Mikko Sakala.
- Budapest in June 2006, Helsinki's Adult Academy, painter and art teacher Hannu Kauppi.
- 2006 Portrait drawing Master Class -course, I. E. Repin Institute, Andrei Chugunov.
- 2007 Pastel painting studies, Art Association of Kouvola, Mikko Sakala.
- In France, Provence, La Colle Sur Loup in June 2007, Maison des Arts, artist Mitch Waite.
- 2008 Colour and composition studies, Art Association of Kouvola, Mikko Sakala.
- 1.9.2008 – 20.5.2009, I. E. Repin Institute, Kotka, Finland. The education was held in cooperation with the City of Kotka, I. E. Repin Institute of St. Petersburg, and the Summer University of Kymenlaakso region. Supporting organisations were Kymenlaakson liitto, Kaakkois-Suomen TE-keskus ja Suomen Kulttuurirahaston Kymenlaakson rahasto. (Finlands Culturefund's Department in Kymenlaakso). The education was held in Kotka at Höyrypanimo building. Please, look further information on the page http://kymenlaakso.com/repin-akatemia/koulutus.htm.
- 2009 Landscape painting studies, I. E. Repin Institute in Kotka, Alexander Novoselov.

- 2003, Art Café Aino in Asuntohotelli/Hostel Aallon Maja, Kotka, Finland.
- 2005, Art Café Aino.
- 2006 Portraits and landscapes, Anjalankoski main library.
- 2006 Kouvola Kasarminmäki, Osaamiskeskus.
- 2006 Kouvola Culture office's gallery.
- 2008 Kouvola Kasarminmäki, Osaamiskeskus.
- 2008 Heinola city library.
- 2008 Rautjärvi main library.
- 2012 Galleria Kolmas kerros, Helsinki.

- 2005 Art Association of Kouvola, Annual exhibition, Kouvola library.
- 2006 Budapest Art Institute Kézmüipari Szakközépiskola és Szakiskola
- 2006 Art Association of Kouvola's 45th annual exhibition at Kouvola Art Museum.
- 2007 North-Kymi Art Associations
- 2007 Ars Jok'vars, Jämsä.
- 2007 Artpurha, Anjalankoski Art Associations, Inkeroinen.
- 2007 Annual exhibition, Art Associations in Kouvola, Kouvola main library.
- 2008 Estonia, Haapsalu Kunstikool Gallery with Pia Liila.
- 2009 Group 08-09 of I. E. Repin Institute in Kotka, Galleria Raami, Helsinki.
- 2009 North-Kymi´s Art Societies, Kuusankoski-talo, Kouvola.
- 2009 Collective student exhibition, I. E. Repin Institute, Haukkavuoren näkötorni, Kotka.
- 2009 Kouvola Art Association´s Annual exhibition, shopping center Manski, Kouvola.
- 2010 Art Museum of Kouvola.
- 2010 Rokuanhovi, Utajärvi, with Ritva Finch, Vuokko Merilä and Satu Karhumaa.
- 2010 Group 08-09 of I. E. Repin Institute in Kotka,Galleria Uusikuva, Kotka and Galleria Kullo, Tallinn.
- 2010 Annual exhibition, Kouvola Art Association, Kuusankoski-talo, Kouvola.
- 2011 50th Annual exhibition, Kouvola Art Association, Kuusankoski-talo, Kouvola.
- 2013 Culture Center Koivu ja Tähti, Muhos, with Vuokko Merilä, Ritva Finch and Sirpa Bierregård Madsen.
- 2013 Spring exhibition, Artists of Finland, Galleria Aapeli, Helsinki.
- 2013 45th Annual exhibition, Artists of Finland, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki.
- 2013 Autumn exhibition,Finnish Artists, Galleria Aapeli.

- 16.9.-7.10.2014, Agora Gallery, New York, U.S.A.

- Art Association of Kouvola (Kouvolan Taideseura ry)
- Art society Kolmas kerros (Taiteilijaseura Kolmas kerros ry)
- Finnish Artists (Suomen Taiteilijat ry)

Raija Merilä is represented by Agora-Gallery, New York, U.S.A.

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